Heading to SaaStr 2019? Ordway booth #425 | Discover a billing process you don’t dread

Eren Koont
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Jan 17, 2019 3:09:00 PM

Swing by Ordway booth #425 and learn more about how 2019 can be a year of adopting a billing process you don’t dread.

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Top session from each day at SaaStr 2019 that we’re excited to attend

Tuesday February 5

2:30-3:10PM  | Scaling Outside the Bay Area: Shaking Up The Workplace Paradigm with Pendo, Textio and Marketo

Ashley Brucker-Stepien
VP, Revenue Marketing

Kieran Snyder
CEO & Co-Founder

Wednesday February 6

1:30 PM- 2:10 PM | How to Create a New Category of Software: 8 Tough Lessons from Closing 12,000 Customers at WebPT

Heidi Jannenga
Co-Founder & President

Nancy Ham

Chelsea Stoner
General Partner
Battery Ventures

Thursday February 7

2:30 PM- 3:10 PM | Build It or Buy It: How to Tell If It's Time for an Acquisition from Dialpad and Work-Bench

Jessica Lin
Co-Founder & General Partner

Craig Walker

Dan O'Connell

Topics: billing, SaaS, operations, Software, automation


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Topics will include:

  • finance resources for growing businesses
  • spotlights on best practices
  • tips to streamline your billing and revenue processes

Eliminate manual workarounds in order-to-revenue

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